Givenchy Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Givenchy

Hubert De Givenchy, original creator of the label has worked with some of the most talented designers in the industry. Throughout his experiences with other designers, Givenchy began creating his own signature style which in turn has influenced many aspiring designers as well. This label represents modern, cutting edge styles for men and women of all ages. Givenchy’s classic handbags and accessories are detailed, distinctive and some of the most sought after designs on today’s market. His incredible lines of men’s and women’s bags, sunglasses, belts and other accessories have become known around the world as some of the best designs ever.

Dark Green Leather Handbag

This amazing forest green handbag will act as a great addition to any outfit. Its unisex style is perfect for men or women and its compact size is lightweight and comfortable. Find it online for just $50.

Oversized Designer Sunglasses

These incredibly sleek sunglasses will spice up your look and protect your vision at the same time. Their incredible burgundy color adds elegance and sophistication while their intricately designed arms offer ultimate comfort. Find them online for $45.

Briefcase Style Handbag

Another piece from the unisex collection, this briefcase style handbag is spacious, luxurious and a perfect addition to men’s or women’s wardrobes. Classic black color adds versatility to the design. Available online for $65.

Celebrity Supporters

There are a number of celebrities choosing to wear Givenchy’s incredible designs. The handbags and sunglasses are particularly popular in his latest collection and have been worn by some of the most respected actors and actresses in Hollywood. Well-known actress Halle Berry is a huge supporter of this incredible label as well as Friend’s costar Matt Le Blanc. These, along with many of Hollywood’s most glamorous superstars have shown appreciation for the Givenchy label.

Halle Berry   Matt LeBlanc

Average Costs

The average cost of Givenchy handbags, sunglasses, wallets, etc. is difficult to determine without knowing the specific piece. Generally, their designs are extremely affordable compared to most labels. Handbags will fall between $45 and $90 however, sunglasses and other accessories will be slightly less expensive.