Guess Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Guess

Guess is a world renowned designer label that has been a huge part of the fashion industry since its establishment in 1981. Similar to Calvin Klein, a large part of the Guess label is associated with famous models. Paris Hilton has modelled for the label which has given Guess more of a sexy, provocative image than most other companies. The label is highly known for their sultry denim jeans and barely-there tops but their fabulous handbag designs and luxurious sunglasses are becoming more and more popular every season. Unique detailing, risqué designs and creative styles have kept the Guess label at the front of the fashion industry for more than two and a half decades.

Tina Half Flap Handbag

One of the most luxurious designs in the Guess Collection, this incredible caramel brown handbag is an absolute must-have. Double shoulder strap with gold tone ring detailing completes the design. Measures 15"L x 7"W x 6.5"H. Available online for $220.

Black Diva Watch

They didn’t name this the "Diva" watch for just any reason. This glamorous design will make any outfit chic and sexy. The classic black leather band adds elegance and sophistication while the tiny crystal detailing adds uniqueness. Available online for just $75.

Inside Signature Sunglasses

These rectangular plastic frames will protect your vision from the sun while maintaining your fabulous image. Light purple tinting adds sexiness while the inside logo adds creativity. Available online for just $50.

Celebrity Supporters

As the primary model for the Guess label, Paris Hilton is a huge supporter of Guess designs. Not only has she modelled their sexy pieces in the ads but she also chooses Guess as her number one label on a regular basis. In addition to the spoiled heiress, Guess designs are also popular among hot celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Guess handbags and accessories are becoming more and more popular among celebrity wardrobes.

Matthew McConaughey Jennifer Love Hewitt

Average Costs

Guess handbag and accessory designs are unique, sexy and highly affordable. Their handbags can be purchased for as little as $75 while their sunglasses generally cost about $50-$60. As for their watches, most models can be purchased for approximately $100; a very affordable price when it comes to designer timepieces.