Hugo Boss Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is one of the most luxurious, sophisticated labels on the market. The designs in this collection are elegant, sophisticated and truly represent what high-end clothing and accessories should look like. Made with the highest quality materials and designed by some of the industry’s most talented individuals, every piece in the Hugo Boss collection is truly a must-have design. In addition to their incredible clothing collections, the Hugo Boss line also offers complete collections of sultry handbags and accessories. From watches and handbags to scarves and belts, Hugo Boss has everything you need to look good from head to toe.

Lime Green Calf Leather Handbag

Hugo Boss is known for their incredible choices when it comes to color. This fabulous lime green handbag with tassel detailing is ideal for all seasons. Measures 44L x 12W x 28H (cm).

Logo Goat Leather Handbag

This signature handbag made of goat leather is truly unique to any other piece in the collection. Signature "HB" print in blue and grey with beige leather trim. Measures 33L x 10W x 24H (cm).

Black Crocodile Leather Watch

Hugo Boss is known for putting a signature twist on classic designs. This classic black watch features intricate detailing and stainless steal on the outer face. Mother-of-Pearl design located in the centre of the design for a complete finish.

Celebrity Supporters

Celebrities all over the world are choosing to wear Hugo Boss’ incredible designs. The elegant appearance of the jewelry in the collection combined with the subtly sexy handbag designs make this label one of the most popular labels in the world. Some of Hollywood’s most prestigious celebrities have chosen to incorporate Hugo Boss accessories into their astounding wardrobes. O.C. star, Rachel Bilson is a huge fan of Hugo Boss’ fabulous handbag designs along with Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum.

Rachel Bilson Heidi Klum

Average Costs

Hugo Boss designs are usually found at an average cost that’s relative to most designer handbags and accessories. Their handbags are sold for $100-$700, whereas their watch designs cost slightly more. The cost of each piece will highly depend on the style and season. If you’re looking for lower prices you may want to look at last seasons products, which generally sell for a lower price.