The Most Stylish Handbag Styles on the Market

Handbags have recently become the must-have accessory. Not only are they extremely stylish, having a huge impact on the overall look of your outfits but they are actually very functional. There are so many types of handbags available on the market. Some of the most popular styles include totes, clutches, hobos, satchels and shoulder bags. Each style offers its own unique benefits while adding sophistication and elegance into every outfit. A big handbag trend is oversized bags. These bags are not only extremely fashionable (most become the focal point of the outfit) but they are also extremely functional, leaving a ton of room for storing your daily necessities.

This Year’s Hottest Colors

This year has been one of those years where many new and exciting colors have been introduced into many of the luxury lines. Most notably, greens have become extremely popular. Whether its light green, dark green, lime green or forest green, this is the color for the year. The great thing about green handbags is they can really brighten up a dull outfit and give it a little bit of intensity. Other colors that have become extremely popular include wine colors, purple and metallics (especially metallic gold and silver). Black and white remain as two of the most popular colors, as per always.

Top Designers

There are numerous handbag designers who have made their mark on the fashion industry solely with the creation of desirable handbags. Take Louis Vuitton for example. Louis Vuitton quickly became one of the most popular designers just by selling incredible handbags. As of now, Louis Vuitton sells no clothing and some accessories but most of his collection consists of handbags. In addition to Louis Vuitton, there are a number of other top designers who have gained recognition from their incredible handbag designs. Jimmy Choo, Prada, Gucci and Chanel are 4 of the industry’s leading designers who have released impeccable lines of designer handbags.

What’s Sizzling on the Hollywood Scene?

All of the hottest handbag designs are found on the Hollywood scene. Louis Vuitton’s monogram handbag was first introduced onto the Hollywood scene, mostly from Jessica Simpson and her obsession with the label on her TV show "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica." Also, some of the other top notch labels like Miu Miu, Burberry and Marc Jacobs have been highly promoted on the streets of Tinsel Town by some of the hottest celebrities.

Find out which celebrities are choosing designer handbags as well as the latest styles, trends and must-have models from the industry’s hottest handbag designers.