Jones New York Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Jones New York

Jones New York has always been known for their upscale designer collection of apparel, handbags accessories and small leather goods. Their luxurious designs are appealing to women all over the world and have become a prominent element in the fashion industry. The Jones New York Label is just one of the fabulous brands within the Jones Apparel Group, a Fortune 500 company and highly popular designer collection. This label has always represented a high class, wealthy lifestyle and remains one of the most popular designer apparel labels in the industry.

Marrakesh Vii Satchel

This incredibly designed white leather satchel is the ideal accessory for any outfit. Features double rounded shoulder straps for ultimate comfort. Luxurious antique gold hardware detailing completes the collection. Measures 18"L x 5"W x 8"H. Available online for $140.

Harwich Shopper

This elegantly designed handbag will make any outfit look classy and sophisticated. Made of 100 percent acorn brown leather with dual shoulder rings for optimum comfort. Measures 16"Lx 5"W x 10½"H. Available online for $140.

Eastham Satchel

The ultra sophisticated design of this handbag is ideal for work, dinner or a night on the town. Made of naked pebble leather and zip closure for ultimate protection. Measures 13½"L x 4½"W x 8"H and available online for just $140.

Celebrity Supporters

Jones New York is a label for professional, high class women who enjoy showing their wealth through the clothes they wear. Always sophisticated and never trashy, every piece in the label is designed by creative, talented professionals. As a result, this collection has become a huge hit among some of the world’s most fashionable individuals. Stacey London from TLC’s "What Not to Wear" is a huge fan of Jones New York handbags and encourages women everywhere to own at least one. In addition John Travolta’s beautiful wife, Kelly Preston is also an avid supporter of this label and recognizes the elegance found within the collection.

Average Costs

Jones New York’s handbag and accessory prices are generally the same as most designer labels. You can find most of their handbags for around $150-$250 which is slightly lower than a number of labels on today’s market. Their accessory prices will highly vary depending on the style, season and material of each piece.