Lacoste Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Lacoste

Original creator of the Lacoste label, René Lacoste, was a professional tennis player before beginning his renowned career in fashion. This label consists of a wide range of sportswear, handbags and accessories associated with tennis and other popular sports. Perhaps the most defining aspect of the Lacoste label is the crocodile logo featured on most of the designs. The green croc with bright red tongue represents a time in René’s life and is the nickname he was given was he was younger. Regardless of the meaning behind it, this popular logo has contributed significantly to the popularity of the Lacoste label.

Nylon Messenger Bag

This simple, chic Lacoste messenger bag is the perfect size for work, school or everyday living. Features large, Velcro pocket for ultimate security and fully adjustable handle for optimum comfort. Measures 16"L x 5"W x 13"H. Available online for $110.

Retro Sport Duffle Bag

This sporty, unisex design is ideal for sports enthusiasts of all ages. Large design features red detailing and large logo patch on front. Measures 18"L x 6½"W x 12"H. Find it online for just $95.

Signature Baseball Hats

Lacoste baseball hats are available in a number of colors and styles. These casually sporty designs feature the signature crocodile logo. Made of cotton with adjustable back for ultimate comfort. Available online for $30.

Celebrity Supporters

Lacoste designs have not only become popular among millions of individuals all over the world but have also become a top choice for some of the world’s most respected athletes. Whether it’s an interest in the designs or a mutual connection for the love of tennis, Andy Roddick has expressed his love for René’s incredible label. In addition to the tennis superstar, this label is also appealing to former Bay Watch star Yasmine Bleeth. From one generation to the next, Lacoste designs are pleasing men and women of all ages and all personal styles.

Andy Roddick Audrey Hepburn

Average Costs

Lacoste designs are relatively affordable compared to most designer sportswear companies. Their comfortable, functional designs not only provide the utmost in functionality but are also extremely stylish. Lacoste’s bag designs usually cost upwards of $100 (or possibly more) while their hat designs usually sell for about $30-$40. High quality and affordable, Lacoste designs are ideal for everyone.