Liz Claiborne Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Liz Claiborne

Since 1976, the Liz Claiborne label has been enhancing the wardrobes and improving the images of 20th century women. Her unique, delicate designs add sensuality to any outfit and are flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, Liz Claiborne has expanded her line to include a wide range of handbags and accessories in addition to her highly successful clothing collections. The handbags and accessories in the label generally feature feminine designs such as flowers, bows and lace which many women find very appealing.

Broadway Leather Hobo

This sophisticated black leather hobo is large, spacious and super stylish. Creamy leather with soft, rounded straps for ultimate comfort. Detailed with metal hardware for added elegance. Also available in burgundy. Available for $148 online.

Thelma Sunglasses

Protect your vision and enhance your image with these super stylin’ designer sunglasses. The retro-inspired frames with gold lock detailing are a personal favorite of Cindy Crawford. Available for just $30 online.

Straw Tote

This uniquely designed straw tote will lighten up the appearance of any wardrobe. Perfect for any season, this feminine design with tassel front detailing is lightweight and comfortable for carrying all day long. Measures 14¼"L x 6½"W x 12½"H. Available online for $150.

Celebrity Supporters

Liz Claiborne designs are perfect for women looking for a sophisticated, modern image. The label is predominately marketed towards slightly older generations (women in their 40’s – 60’s) but is not limited in these areas. It’s not uncommon to see celebrities like Lara Flynn Boyle and Goldie Hawn sporting Liz Claiborne designs around the streets of Hollywood, in fact, it’s quite common. Maybe it helps that Liz Claiborne has super-gorgeous model Cindy Crawford as the spokesperson for the label.

Goldie Hawn Cindy Crawford

Average Costs

The average cost of Liz Claiborne handbags, wallets, sunglasses and other accessories is very affordable for most budgets. The majority of the handbags in the collection are found for less than $150 while their sunglasses sell for a mere $30. Keep in mind, prices will vary according to specific models and seasons but for the most part, Liz Claiborne is a very affordable label.