Michael Kors Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Michael Kors

Michael Kors has successfully developed one of the best designer collections the fashion industry has ever seen. His incredible styles and intricate designs have been worn to some of the world’s most prestigious events by some of the world’s hottest individuals. His defining style is a combination of sexy pieces with a touch of sophistication and elegance. Kors designs are cutting edge while still maintaining a level of class. His complete collections of high-end handbags and accessories have become extremely popular, especially in the past few seasons and have made Michael Kors one of the most respected designers in the industry.

Drawstring Satchel

This highly stylish drawstring satchel is a definite must-have from Michael Kors’ latest collection. Made of white leather with brown trim, this versatile handbag is perfect for all occasions. Measures 16"L x 4"W x 11"H. Available online for $995.

Santorini Tote

This woven calfskin handbag with matching trim is highly sophisticated and will act as a great addition to any wardrobe. Its golden hardware detailing adds elegance while the tassels add fun and creativity. Measures 15"L x 4"W x 9.5"H. Available online for $795.

Two-Prong Belt

This fabulous belt style features a golden two-prong buckle for ultimate sophistication and elegance. Its thick band will minimize the appearance of your mid-section while adding style to your outfit. Available in light and dark brown. Find it online for $395.

Celebrity Supporters

A number of Hollywood’s hottest, sexiest superstars have become familiar with Michael Kors’ incredible designs. Celebrities are lining up to purchase his ultra stylish designs and are constantly promoting his designs to the media. Some of Michael Kors’ biggest celebrity supporters include Tom Cruise and Jennifer Garner. These sophisticated superstars, along with hundreds of others, have been seen wearing some of Michael Kors’ fabulous designs. Whether you’re a high profile celebrity or a stay-at-home mom, there’s something in Michael Kors’ collection for everyone to enjoy.

Tom Cruise Jennifer Garner

Average Costs

Michael Kors designs are slightly more expensive than a number of other designers on the market. Generally, the handbags found in his latest collection range from $650 to over $1000, depending on the size and style while his belts generally go for a couple of hundred dollars a piece. The cost of Michael Kors handbags and accessories are average for such a well-known designer label.