Miu Miu Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Miu Miu

Miu Miu is a relatively new addition to the world of fashion. Established in 1992, Miu Miu has been recognized as the much more affordable "sister line" of the world renowned Prada label. Miu Miu is a cutting edge label whose styles push the limits of the fashion industry. Prada’s sophisticated label is very different from Miu Miu’s defining style. The latest line is funky, fun and intense whereas Prada is more sophisticated and trendy. Miu Miu styles are truly unlike any other styles in the industry which is why the label has received renowned recognition since its establishment.

Gold Treccia Shoulder Bag

Large, spacious and super sexy, this handbag will enhance the appearance of any outfit. Made of metallic gold, antiqued leather with braided shoulder straps, this stunning piece is a great addition to any wardrobe. Also features drawstring opening and signature logo on front. Measures 17"L x 2.5"W x 8"H. Available online for $760.

Wide Black Belt

Every woman needs a classy black belt in her wardrobe. This belt will complement all outfits and will fit nicely on your waist for ultimate comfort. Made of black leather with logo plate on side. Measures 2" wide. Available online for $235.

Buffalo Stone Hobo

This intricately designed handbag will add style and intensity to any outfit. The incredible blue stone detailing and golden studs make this design completely unique to any other. Features detachable shoulder strap for ultimate convenience. Measures 13"L x 11.5"H. Available online for $810.

Celebrity Supporters

Some of the world’s hottest superstars have chosen to incorporate Miu Miu into their amazing designer wardrobes. The incredible handbags from the collection have become one of the most popular choices when it comes to celebrities and their wardrobes. Uniquely designed, cutting-edge styles are perfect for Hollywood celebrities like "Clueless" star Alicia Silverstone and pop singer Ashlee Simpson. Miu Miu styles are extremely appealing to some of today’s youngest superstars.

Alicia Silverstone Ashlee Simpson

Average Costs

Miu Miu handbags and accessories are generally less expensive than those found in the Prada collection however, they still cost quite a bit of money. The stylish designs of Miu Miu handbags usually cost between $700 and $1000, whereas belts and accessories are between $200 and $300. Miu Miu products are more affordable than most labels and offer the ultimate in quality as well.