Nine West

The Defining Style of Nine West

Nine West has been designing, marketing and selling high-end clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories to dedicated consumers all over the world. Nine West’s handbags are some of the sexiest, most popular designs the fashion industry has to offer. With such a wide variety of handbags, accessories, clothing and shoes to choose from, Nine West offers everything you need to look stylish from head to toe. The defining style of Nine West lies within the label’s versatility which can be easily adapted to all types of individual styles.

Big Boss Handbag

This incredible handbag design features embossed accents and elegant detailing. Available in black and brown, this spacious design offers the utmost in style and sophistication. Find this fabulous design online for just $70.

Soft Signs Satchel

This conservative handbag is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Finished with canvas and available in beige and black. This stylish design measures 13"L x 8"H. Available online for only $80.

Stud Muffin Satchel

This incredibly designed satchel is perfect for fall or any other season. Available in classic black or deep orange, this fabulous design is made of 100 percent PVC. Top magnetic closure and 4 pockets for optimum storage space. Measures 15"L x 11"H. Available online for $75.

Celebrity Supporters

Nine West is the designer of choice for many of today’s popular superstars. From actors and actresses to music sensations and athletes, Nine West handbags and accessories are chosen by some of today’s most influential celebrities. Women can choose from their selection of incredible handbags, sunglasses, wallets and belts. So who exactly wears this popular label? Katie Holmes and Tara Reid are avid Nine West customers and choose to wear the label on a regular basis. These sexy superstars, along with some of Hollywood’s other big names, have recognized the stylish tendencies of the Nine West label.

Katie Holmes Tara Reid

Average Costs

Nine West offers some of the most amazing handbag designs for the most affordable prices on the market. Their stylish, sophisticated handbags and accessories generally cost less than $150. Most of the handbags can be found for less than $100, while the accessories are usually less than $50. Selling high quality products at low prices is the mission of the Nine West label.