Paul Frank Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Paul Frank

Paul Frank has one of the most recognizable labels in the fashion industry. Over the years, Paul has gained a significant amount of recognition as a result of his incredible monkey logo. Not only has Paul Frank created a memorable design for his logo but he also gave his logo a character for consumers to remember. The monkey used on most of Paul’s designs is named Julius. Julius is a significant element in this label and is featured on almost all of Paul’s designs. Paul’s incredibly designed, handbags, accessories and small leather goods are some of the most popular designs in the industry.

Nunchakus Belt

This yellow leather belt with black and white nunchakus detailing is ideal for men and women of all ages. The unisex design will enhance the appearance of any outfit while the silver buckle adds spunk and creativity. Available online for $42.

>Camo Cats Shoulder Bag

This incredible handbag is stylish, spacious and perfect for all occasions. Designed with a number of Camo cat images, this handbag is designed to make cat-lovers drool. Available online for $66.

Roadtrip Tote

The fun, exciting design of this roadtrip tote will liven up any outfit and give your wardrobe the boost it needs. The incredible lime green color of this handbag is ideal for all seasons and the spacious design allows for sufficient storage space. Exterior is made of PVC Vinyl while interior is made of cotton. Available online for $38.

Celebrity Supporters

There are a number of celebrity supporters who have shown a specific interest in Paul Frank’s handbag and accessory designs. His audience is largely made up of younger individuals looking to add a bit of punk into their designs. His somewhat comical label has become a huge hit with young superstars like musical artist Joel Madden but is also popular among older superstars like Naomi Campbell. Men and women of all ages and personal styles have taken an interest in the incredible designs found in Paul Frank’s collection.

Joel Madden Naomi Campbell

Average Costs

The average cost of Paul Frank’s designs is very affordable when it comes to such a highly established label. Most of the handbag and accessories found in the collection can be purchased for less than $100. His handbags usually cost between $40 and $80, while his belts and small leather goods are found for slightly less.