Tommy Hilfiger Handbags & Accessories

The Defining Style of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has been a significant part of the fashion industry for many years. His incredible, sophisticated styles have become extremely popular among men and women of all ages and personal styles. Tommy Hilfiger, much like Ralph Lauren, has created his label through preppy styles and classic designs. Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren both have labels that share similar characteristics. Not only do they use the same approach to fashion but they both use red, white and blue as the dominant colors in the logos and designs. Almost all of Tommy Hilfiger’s incredible handbag and accessory styles incorporate these elements into the design.

Snapped Up Metallic Tote

Made of fine grain PVC, this incredibly stylish handbag will enhance the appearance of all your outfits and leave you looking sophisticated and elegant. Its spacious design allows for optimum storage space while its zip entry makes sure everything is protected. Measures 16"L x 7"W x 11"H. Available online for $48.

Snapped Up Medium Hobo

This ultra sophisticated medium size hobo is a great addition to any wardrobe. Also made of fine grain PVC, this black tote is a classic piece which will complement all types of personal styles. Measures 16"L x 6.5"W x 10"H. Available online for $48.

Snapped Up Small Hobo

Most of Tommy’s classic handbags are made of fine PVC, like this incredible style. Available in beige and black, this ultra-sexy style is perfect for any occasion. Measures 12"L x 4"W x 7"H. Available online for $35.

Celebrity Supporters

There are a number of wealthy, famous individuals sharing their love for the Tommy label. Tommy’s designs are casual, comfortable, sleek and sophisticated and complement all types of personal styles. Rising music sensation Jesse McCartney (no relation to Stella McCartney) enjoys sporting Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses while other rising music sensation Rihanna likes the styles found in their incredible handbag collection. From sunglasses and handbags to wallets and belts, Tommy offers everything you need to look complete.

Average Costs

The average cost of Tommy Hilfiger bags and accessories is very affordable. Most can be purchased for as little as $35 or as much as $70, depending on the size, style and season. They also sell a wide range of backpacks, belts and small leather goods for very affordable prices.