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Ann Taylor Designer Profile

The Evolution of Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is a world renowned designer apparel retailer whose sophisticated designs have captured the attention of women all over the world. The name Ann Taylor implies that this collection was created by a woman, however, the company was actually named after the best-selling dress from the company’s original store.

Ann Taylor’s classic, elegant approach to designer fashion has contributed to the new and improved image of 21st century women. With a wide selection of pants, tops, shoes, dresses, skirts and accessories, Ann Taylor has stylish pieces to suit the needs of all women. The label currently operates 824 stores around the world including the United States and Puerto Rico.

Ann Taylor’s Signature Style

Many of today’s hottest designers are veering towards an edgier image. Frayed jeans, off-the-shoulder shirts and spicy high heels seem to be the style most designers are interested in. Ann Taylor has taken an alternate approach to fashion and has created a classic, sophisticated collection of clothing, shoes and accessories for today’s high profile business women. From head-to-toe, Ann Taylor offers the utmost in style and comfort which will satisfy the growing needs of today’s women.

The complete collection of Ann Taylor designer apparel and accessories is broken up into three divisions: Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft and Ann Taylor Factory. Ann Taylor is the high end category of the company. The designs found in this collection are luxurious, elegant and generally more expensive.

The designs found in Ann Taylor’s Loft collection are the middle-class designs of the company. Sophisticated clothing at affordable prices which are not quite as elegant as the signature collection but not quite as basic as the styles found in the Factory collection.

The factory collection is basically the clearance collection which is often found in outlet stores around the world.

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