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Betsey Johnson Designer Profile

The Evolution of Betsey Johnson

From the moment she was born on August 10th, 1942, Betsey Johnson was a fashion designer in the making. As a child, Betsey was involved in a number of dance classes. Since then, she has developed a strong love for costumes and whimsical fashion designs. Her quirky personality has shined for many years.

In 1967 Betsey Johnson married John Cale, band member from Velvet Underground. She was originally turned away from her City hall wedding because she showed up in a pair of pants. She returned a few hours later and married her rock star husband in a micro-mini. After 4 short years of marriage, the couple divorced.

Despite her spectacular fashion creations and her marriage to a world renowned celebrity, life hasn’t always been easy for Betsey. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999, Johnson became an advocate for breast cancer survival. She continues to support breast cancer research and contributes a significant amount of money to the cause.

Betsey Johnson’s Signature Style

Betsey Johnson truly has a style all her own. Her funky designs and outrageous creations have been the topic of conversation worldwide. Betsey strives to create one-of-a kind, original designs unlike any other designer. Perhaps one of the most noticeable elements of her personal style is the cartwheel she does at the end of each of her shows.

In 2002, Johnson received a spot in the Fashion Walk of Fame for her endless contributions in this industry. Her dramatically over-the-top designs are perfect for fashionistas of the 21st century who are looking to spice up their everyday wardrobes.

Whether it’s a personal struggle for Betsey to overcome (like her struggle with breast cancer) or a professional obstacle to overcome (she was highly criticized in the industry for her outrageous designs), Betsey made her own set of rules and followed them. Following her own set of rules has led Betsey Johnson to becoming one of the most memorable fashion designers the industry has ever seen.

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