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Burberry Designer Profile

The Evolution of Burberry

In 1856, 21-year old Thomas Burberry opened a store in Hampshire and began developing what is now one of the world’s most renowned designer labels. Their extremely sophisticated approach to designer fashion has distinguished the Burberry label from many other designer labels in the industry. Over the years, the company has expanded to include numerous stores and franchises worldwide.

Burberry is currently headquartered in Haymarket, London with operations in North America and Asia as well. The Burberry product line offers a wide variety of classy, cutting-edge clothing styles for men and women of the 21st century as well as complete collections of handbags, scarves, belts, watches, umbrellas and more.

Burberry is just one of the prestigious brands in the Luxottica Group. This group also owns and operates other highly known designer labels like Miu Miu, Prada, Chanel, Anne Klein, Versace and more.

Burberry’s Signature Style

Burberry has a very distinctive signature style. Most Burberry fans would agree the defining feature of their designs is the red, white, black and camel check, often referred to as the Nova. Originally used as the lining of a trench coat in 1924, this pattern quickly became the selling point for many of their top designs. From umbrellas and handbags to rubber boots and watches, the infamous Nova print is now found on each design in the collection.

A combination of sass and sophistication has led Burberry to the forefront of the fashion industry. Their ultra-chic, European designs are created to enhance the appearance of upper-middle class individuals. Hollywood "it" couple David and Victoria Beckham have highly contributed to the popularity of the Burberry label by choosing to wear their amazing designs to premieres, awards shows and soccer games. Originally popular only in Europe, Burberry is quickly becoming a leader in the North American fashion market and is expected to obtain worldwide success in the years to come.

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