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Diesel Designer Profile

The Evolution of Diesel

Since its initial development over 25 years ago, Diesel has been a leader in the fashion industry. The label is continuously releasing incredible designs for men, women and children of all ages and individual styles. Renzo Rosso, chief designer and president of the label, has a long history with the company dating back to 1978. However, it wasn’t until 1985 that Rosso decided to take control of the label and become the primary source behind Diesels amazing designs.

In 1997, Rosso was recognized as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ for his cutting-edge designs. This award, combined with many others, have contributed to the success of the label and provided Rosso with the positive publicity he required to set his label apart from others. Truly an inspiration to upcoming fashion designers, Rosso has the creative abilities it takes to make it as an icon in the industry.

Diesel’s Signature Style

One of the outstanding elements in Diesel’s collection is the diversity and ability to create designs for men, women and children of all ages. This Italian line offers up-to-date designs featuring a combination of casual and rock elements. Washed-out, faded jeans and tight fitting tees are prominent in the latest line. Their teen/pre-teen lines are slightly laid back compared to their men’s and women’s lines which are known for being provocative.

Known primarily for their denim designs, Diesel has taken the popularity of jeans to a whole new level. From denim jeans and skirts to denim shirts and jackets, Diesel has created a chic/casual image that many people have come to admire. Most products are relatively inexpensive compared to a number of other designer labels on today’s market, falling in the price range of under $250.

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