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The Evolution of Hurley

Hurley clothing is one of the newer additions to the world of high fashion. This label offers a completely different, cutting-edge image unlike any other in the industry. The evolution of the Hurley label dates back to the 1970’s when their primary focus was on the surfing industry. Originally Bob Hurley owned a surf shop in Southern California. He began selling surfboards and other surf-related equipment but it wasn’t until 1998 that the company launched its first line of active wear clothing.

The surfing image Bob became accustomed is apparent in his clothing designs. Bob worked along with (and eventually took over) Billabong USA, a well-known clothing company based out of the United States. He used his creative abilities, along with the pre-existing image of Billabong to form Hurley Clothing; a world renowned, cutting edge clothing company.

Hurley’s Signature Style

Hurley Clothing has one of the more definitive signature styles compared to most other labels on the market. Their approach to fashion combines a mix of punk rock, cutting edge styles with comfortable, everyday materials so you can relax in comfort and in style. Frayed jeans, ripped shirts, worn holes and unique detailing are defining features of the label. Denim jeans, trendy sweatshirts and classic t-shirts are the primary focus of this radical collection. Bob Hurley’s natural love for the sport of surfing, combined with Billabong’s surfer image has contributed highly to the image of Hurley.

Directed towards a more youthful audience, Hurley clothing is a hip, stylish label that has gained a significant amount of popularity among men and women everywhere.

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