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Jimmy Choo Designer Profile

The Evolution of Jimmy Choo

There are millions of shoe-obsessed women all over the world, filling their closets with numerous pairs of exotic designer footwear. Of all the top-notch designers to choose from, Jimmy Choo is at the very top of every woman’s list. With impeccable quality and unlimited styles to choose from, Jimmy Choo has successfully created one of the world’s largest, most respected shoe empires.

Tamara Yeardye Mellon, an accessories editor for world renowned magazine, Vogue, noticed an overwhelming need for stylish, wearable shoes. She approached Mr. Jimmy Choo, who had launched his first line in 1996. Mellon and Choo joined forces to develop the very first ready-to- wear company and opened factories in Italy to make production of the shoes faster and easier.

In April 2001, Jimmy Choo announced his partnership with Equinox Luxury Holdings. At this time, Chairman and Chief Executive of Equinox, Robert Bensoussan became the new CEO of Jimmy Choo. The company expects to open up 50 stores by 2008.

Jimmy Choo’s Signature Style

It’s Jimmy Choo’s signature style that has gained this label so much recognition since its initial launch in 1996. Comfortable, highly stylish shoes for women and men of impeccable taste and high status are the defining elements of Jimmy Choo designs.

Tamara Mellon recently made a huge decision to feature Nicole Richie as a model in the new ad campaign for Jimmy Choo shoes. Nicole has often been in the limelight due to her very quick and extreme weight loss.

Tamara’s decision to hire the super-thin model for the campaign was thought through very carefully. Tamara still feels as though she made the right decision in choosing ultra-sophisticated Nicole Richie for the campaign.

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