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Juicy Couture Designer Profile

The Evolution of Juicy Couture

Founded in 1994 by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, Juicy Couture is an elusive mix of comfortable, casual clothing with high-end sultry designs. Originally popular on the Western Coast of the United States, Juicy Couture quickly became recognized all over the US for their women’s tracksuits and sportswear. One of the first high-end luxury apparel companies whose primary focus is on comfort and athletics, Juicy Couture quickly became a hit with many famous celebrities.

In 2003, Travis Jeans Inc (the company that owned 100 percent of Juicy Couture) was sold to Liz Claiborne for $53 million US. Pamela and Gela remained co-presidents of the company and maintained control over the creative aspects of their designs. Since the takeover in 2003, Juicy Couture has continued to rise in popularity and is expected to continue for years to come. Their designs remain true to the Juicy label and are created with comfort and style in mind.

Juicy Couture’s Signature Style

The Juicy Couture label has a very definitive signature style. The first company to receive insurmountable amounts of success as a result of tracksuits, Juicy Couture really made their mark on the industry. The label offers a wide range of velour, cashmere, terry and fleece tracksuits in a number of colors and sizes. Since Juicy released their first tracksuit, many companies have attempted to copy the design of the infamous style. The defining difference between Juicy Couture designs and knock-offs is Juicy’s designs are often labeled "Juicy" in large letters on the rear of most of the pants.

Hollywood celebrities have gone crazy for Juicy’s velour tracksuits. Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Madonna along with thousands of other women around the world have chosen to support the efforts of Juicy Couture in making women feel comfortable and while looking undeniably sexy at the same time.

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