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Karl Lagerfeld Designer Profile

The Evolution of Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld has been recognized as the most respected and most influential fashion designers in the history of this industry. His unbelievable designs have graced the bodies of world renowned celebrities and have controlled the runways for many years. Born in Hamburg in 1938, Karl had a passion for designer clothing since he was as little as 10 years old. When he turned 14, he immigrated to Paris where he went on to become one of the most talented fashion designers the world has ever seen.

Throughout his amazing career as one of the world’s most celebrated designers, Karl has worked with some of the world’s most popular designer labels. Earlier on in his career, Lagerfeld worked for fabulous fashion houses like Krizia, Charles Jourdan and Valentino. He then decided to try something new and joined forces with Fendi. In the late 1970’s, Lagerfeld worked closely with the designers of Chloé where he had an influential impact on the success of the company.

Finally, in the mid 1980’s, Lagerfeld began designing for the world renowned label, Chanel. While continuously launching new lines with Chanel, Lagerfeld also launched his own line of clothing which, undoubtedly, took the fashion industry by storm.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Signature Style

Throughout the years as a designer in the industry, Karl Lagerfeld has developed a style all his own. His risk-taking, cutting edge approach to fashion has made him the most powerful designers in the business. Intricate detailing and "out there" styles set Lagerfeld’s designs apart from all others in the industry. The original creator of traditional box jacket and super-short denim mini skirts, Karl Lagerfeld has and will continue to influence the world of fashion in the future.

As a fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld recognizes the importance of physical fitness. There is an outstanding parallel between fashion and physical fitness. As a result, Lagerfeld has recently released a weight loss program to help individuals lose weight. The previously overweight designer lost 92 pounds in 13 months following his plan and encourages others to follow in his footsteps.

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