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Kate Spade Designer Profile

The Evolution of Kate Spade

Kate Spade is the original founder and president of Kate Spade New York. Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1962, Katherine Noel Brosnahan (Kate Spade) was interested in fashion from a very young age. Growing up, Kate gained a significant amount of knowledge associated with the fashion industry which ultimately helped her achieve the success she has received in the industry today.

After marrying her husband, Andy Spade, Kate changed her last name to that of her husband’s. It was then that Kate Spade began designing accessories under her own name. She never dreamed she would be as popular as she is today. Kate Spade has been recognized as one of the most talented handbag designers in the world.

Currently there are 25 Kate Spade boutiques throughout the world. The majority of the boutiques are located in the United States while secondary locations include Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Kate Spade’s Signature Style

Over the years, Kate Spade has successfully developed an exclusive image, incomparable to any other designer on the market. Her unbelievably exquisite handbag and shoe designs are burning holes in women’s bankbooks all over the world. Kate Spade designs are irresistibly sexy and are some of the most desired designs in the world. Truly a fashion icon of the 20th century, Kate Spade continues to develop new and innovative designs every year.

Kate Spade’s latest collection offers a wide variety of handbags and accessories as well as complete collections of shoes and ready-to-wear clothing. Her designs are popular among many Hollywood celebrities and have been featured on runways and TV shows all over the world.

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