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Kenneth Cole Designer Profile

The Evolution of Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole’s story of success is truly inspirational to aspiring fashion designers all over the world. In late 1982, Kenneth Cole found himself with 40,000 pairs of shoes (he personally designed each pair) and nowhere to sell them. He used European credit to design the shoes and was relatively unsure whether or not he would sell even one pair. After much consideration, Kenneth decided to borrow one of his friend’s 40 foot trailer trucks in an attempt to sell the shoes from the side of the road. He parked the trailer outside of the New York Hilton in Midtown Manhattan and waited for customers to come.

After a significant series of difficulties (relating to permits and licensing) Kenneth began legitimately selling his shoes out of the trailer. The response from the public was overwhelming. His dedication and determination finally paid off and within two and a half days Kenneth had successfully sold the entire stock of 40,000 pairs of shoes. Since then, Kenneth has sold millions of shoes to millions of customers all over the world.

Kenneth Cole’s Signature Style

Casual, sexy and simply beautiful, Kenneth Cole’s designs continue to please consumers with every line released. With complete lines of clothing, accessories, footwear, handbags, watches, fragrances and sunglasses, Kenneth Cole has successfully targeted all audiences with his incredible designing abilities.

Although his clothing and accessory lines are beautifully designed, Kenneth’s shoe designs remain the focus of the collection. His shoe designs are absolutely breathtaking and will knock the socks off of anyone, anywhere. From strappy stilettos to super-comfortable flats, Kenneth Cole offers the styles you need to walk the streets in style.

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