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Lacoste Designer Profile

The Evolution of Lacoste

René Lacoste was born in 1904 with a love for the game of tennis since he was just a little boy. After many years as a professional tennis player, Lacoste retired from the sport and began designing high end luxury sports apparel. Most people recognize Lacoste’s designs from the infamous crocodile logo featured on most of the pieces. René earned the nickname "the crocodile" after winning a tennis bet. He became very familiar with his nickname and when he started his clothing manufacturing business in 1933, he used the symbol as his primary marketing focus. It worked. Lacoste’s designs (along with the infamous crocodile logo) are famous all over the world.

Lacoste’s amazing journey came to an end in 1996. His legacy lives on in his clothing designs and every new product, line and collection released represents René’s passion for designer clothing. The label continues to expand every year and has grown to include men’s and women’s clothing along with shoes, accessories and sunglasses.

Lacoste’s Signature Style

Lacoste’s signature style is a combination of athletic, casual and comfortable designs with attention to detail and exclusive features. Lacoste’s designs are truly unlike any other sports apparel company in the industry. A combination of collared tees, button-up dress shirts and sporty running shoes make up a large percentage of their latest collection. Of course, all designs display the crocodile logo to symbolize authenticity and true Lacoste style.

In addition to their amazing clothing designs, Lacoste has also successfully designed a multitude of shoe designs. Most of the footwear styles offered in the collection are similar to running shoes. Simple designs with subtle, unique detailing are the defining features of Lacoste’s footwear designs. From head to toe, Lacoste has everything you need to work and play in style.

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