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Mexx Designer Profile

The Evolution of Mexx

Mexx is one of the newer designer labels on today’s market. One of Liz Claiborne’s most successful labels, Mexx has doubled in size since the beginning of 2001. This European label is one of few labels in the industry to offer a truly unique approach to business wear. Their designs are edgy and fun while maintaining a level of professionalism. The label is meant to target a modern, up-to-date image.

Originally found only in Europe, Mexx designs are now being sold internationally in places like the United States, Canada, Asia and the Middle East. The popularity of this label is expected to exceed all other labels in Liz Claiborne Inc.

In addition to men’s and women’s apparel, Mexx also offers complete lines of bed and bath products, cosmetics, fragrances, footwear, furniture, jewelry, eyewear and swimwear. This diversified line is expected to expand in the next few years as well.

Mexx’s Signature Style

Mexx’s signature style is extremely modern and highly sophisticated. Their designs are meant for classy, elegant women and strong, masculine men. The style of the design is fitted, preppy and comfortable to wear. Their men’s and women’s collections offer similar images.

Mexx’s women’s collection is extremely feminine with a number of flower patterns and frilly skirts. Blouses, embroidered sweaters, long sleeved shirts, dress pants and casual dresses are also dominant in the latest line. Their men’s collection features a wide array of dress shirts in solid, pinstriped and checked prints. In addition, the label also offers a wide variety of dress pants, khakis, and collared tees. Men and women who choose to wear Mexx are style conscious individuals looking to enhance their physical appearance.

In addition to their men’s and women’s lines, Mexx also offers a wide range of classy accessories to complement all outfits.

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