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Paul Frank Designer Profile

The Evolution of Paul Frank

Paul Frank is generally known for his "unique" company logo. If you’ve seen any of Paul Frank’s designs you’ve probably noticed the large, smiling monkey on almost all of his creations. Meet Julius. Julius is the name of this famous monkey, whose face is known all over the world in association with Paul Frank’s designs. Possibly more popular than Paul frank himself, Julius is one of the most recognized company logos in the world.

Paul Frank’s corporate headquarters is located in Orange County, California. He has also opened a number of stores internationally including shops all over the United States, England, Germany, Greece, Japan and more. In 2004, Paul released another collection of designer clothing called "small paul" - a line of clothing designed specifically for children.

In November of 2005, (the same day as Julius’ tenth birthday) Paul resigned from Paul Frank Industries. He claimed it was time to "pursue other interests." Although Paul Frank is no longer associated with the label, it continues to remain successful in the fashion industry and is still one of the most popular labels on the market.

Paul Frank’s Signature Style

Paul Frank has taken numerous initiatives to ensure his designs are original. In addition to creating Julius, Paul has worked with a number of different bands in collaboration with his clothing line. Paul noticed that certain bands had personal styles of their own. Over the years Paul has worked with The Acrobats, Bad Religion, Radiohead and Alkaline Trio. The response from music fans and consumers was overwhelming. Paul Frank successfully created a label unlike any other in the industry.

Paul Frank’s collection consists of a wide variety of hooded sweatshirts, tees, long-sleeved shirts and jeans. Although Paul is no longer with the label, it continues to do very well among competitors.

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