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Ralph Lauren Designer Profile

The Evolution of Ralph Lauren

Born in the Bronx, New York in 1939, Ralph Lauren had a passion for fashion at a very young age. It took Ralph many years of dedication and hard work to obtain the level of success he currently holds. The work along the way was worth it to this amazing designer who has achieved insurmountable levels of success since he began designing. Over the years, Ralph Lauren created some of the most recognizable designs in the industry. He was the first and only designer to completely re-shape the look of 20th century men and allow men to play a more dominant role in the fashion industry.

Before Lauren entered the industry, men were often overlooked when it came to designer collections. Ralph Lauren took the classical image of men and turned it into a preppy, stylish, more modern appearance. Polo t-shirts, button-up shirts and khakis were just some of Ralph’s introductions to his famous collection.

Ralph Lauren’s Signature Style

Preppy, sophisticated and sleek are generally terms associated with Ralph Lauren’s apparel and accessories. Collared shirts, capris, khakis, rugby shirts and skirts are popular items among the collection. The line is considered casual and sporty and is most popular among individuals 18-30 (although appropriate for individuals of all ages). Ralph’s most popular label "Polo," is one of the single most popular labels in the industry. Following in the footsteps of the company itself, Polo designs are also synonymous with preppy, sporty styles.

Ralph Lauren’s signature style is often viewed as similar to that of Tommy Hilfiger. Although the styles are alike (polo tees, collared shirts etc), each designer has successfully created an original label with unique trademark logos and one-of-a-kind designs.

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