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Sergio Tacchini Designer Profile

The Evolution of Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini was a world renowned tennis player throughout the 1960’s. In 1966, after many years of competition in the sport of tennis, Sergio Tacchini decided to retire from the tennis scene and direct his attention towards designing and developing a complete collection of designer sportswear. Although Sergio was relatively unsure if his designs would be successful, the response from the public after the release of his first line erased any fears he may have had. His designs were an instant hit and he immediately became a popular designer in the fashion industry.

From the moment Tacchini released his first line of designer sportswear it was obvious he had a natural talent for designing. His love and knowledge for the game of tennis helped him become the designer he is today. Sergio Tacchini’s creative approach to fashion and innovative ideas have gained him recognition as one of the most talented sportswear designers of the 20th century.

Sergio Tacchini’s Signature Style

Sergio Tacchini has a highly defined signature style. Originally his creations were developed specifically for tennis enthusiasts (a wide range of collared tees and tennis skirts) but over the years he has diversified his collection to include apparel for a variety of sports. His collection now includes clothing and accessories for motorcyclists, golfers, NASCAR racers, skiers, swimmers and virtually every type of athlete you can think of.

Each design in the collection features a unique mix of style and comfort to help individuals maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while looking amazing. With such a large, diversified collection to choose from, it might be safe to say Tacchini is quickly becoming one of the dominant designers in the sportswear industry. Sergio Tacchini has gone from an international tennis superstar to one of the most respected fashion designers in the world. Is there anything this man can’t do?

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