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Tommy Hilfiger Designer Profile

The Evolution of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most popular designer labels on the market. Tommy Hilfiger originally started his business with one store in New York. With a number of strategic initiatives and an unquestionable talent for fashion design, Hilfiger made his business into one of the most recognized labels in the industry.

From the start of his career Hilfiger had a specific vision for his company. He simply wanted to design a collection of designer clothing that represents his attitude and his own personal style. His urban approach has made him one of the most respected designers in the business. From one small store in New York to a multi-billion dollar fashion house, Tommy Hilfiger is a true inspiration to aspiring fashion designers all over the world.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Signature Style

Tommy Hilfiger basically defined urban fashion. His preppy marketing image gained him a significant amount of popularity when the collection was first released. Tight collared shirts as well as rugby and golf shirts remain popular in his newest lines. In addition, jeans and khakis are dominant in the line and the label continues to represent urban fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger’s designs are similar to a number of other labels on the market. His designs feature the same styles and trends as high profile labels such as Ralph Lauren and J.Crew. Although these labels are relatively similar when it comes to their signature styles, there are defining elements which distinguish one from another. Each label features their own trademark logo and use different colors, shapes and sizes to differentiate themselves. Needless to say, if you like one, you’ll probably like the other label as well.

The Tommy label is a top choice for a number of Hollywood celebrities. From Snoop Dog to Kate Bosworth (one extreme to another), Hilfiger’s designs have graced the bodies of some of today’s hottest men and women.

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