Burberry Menswear

Burberry’s Approach to Men’s Fashion

Burberry has one of the most stylish menswear collections on the fashion market. The label offers a wide range of polo shirts, outerwear, boxers, cologne, watches and more. This particular collection offers consumers a sportier image compared to some of the other labels, while maintaining a professional appearance. Golf shirts, hats and even handbags (or as some like to call manbags) are dominant in the collection. If you’re looking for a stylish image that exudes confidence, Burberry is definitely a company worth looking into.

Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

This classic white long sleeve dress shirt is ideal for any occasion. Wear it casual with a pair of jeans or under a jacket with a pair of dress pants. Made of cotton with check lining on inside collar and navy logo on upper left. Available online for $135.

Striped Rugby Shirt

This burgundy and white striped Rugby shirt is a casual and comfortable addition to your clothing collection. Made of cotton with partial button-down closure (3 buttons). Also available in navy blue. Get it online for $175.

½ Zip Sweater

This long sleeve half zip sweater with ribbon trim is perfect for going out to dinner, a movie or other social events. Contrast stripe on inside of neck and cuffs. Made of cotton and available in navy, beige or hazey blue. Get it online for $175.<

Best Supporting Male

Burberry has become a very popular label when it comes to some of Hollywood’s hottest men. From their incredible sunglass styles right down to the fabulous footwear, Burberry provides you with Hollywood style from head to toe. So who wins the award for best supporting male? Brad Pitt has been known to wear Burberry on more than one occasion so he’ll take away the gold.

brad pitt

Average Costs

The average cost of Burberry’s menswear depends on the specific piece as well as the season. Generally, shirts are available for between $100 and $300 while sunglasses, belts and other accessories are slightly less. Jackets, shoes and boots usually cost significantly more, ranging as high as $1,500 or more.