Christian Dior Menswear

Christian Dior’s Approach to Men’s Fashion

Christian Dior offers consumers one of the most diverse selections of men’s clothing, accessories and footwear on the market. Complete collections of running shoes, dress shoes, belts, hats, shirts, jackets and pants allow consumers to dress well from head to toe. The label (known to consumers as Dior Homme) consists mostly of business wear and professional clothing but also offers an adequate selection of athletic wear as well. Clean-cut designs and classic colors like white, black and blue constitute most of the collection, which has become very popular among the male market.

Used Denim Jeans

Although the name applies that these jeans have been previously owned, they’re clearly not. These washed denim jeans with front creases will make any man look sexy. Signature “scar” on back pocket adds authenticity. Available online for $500.

Lightweight Leather Runners

These white, lightweight leather running shoes offer the utmost in quality and comfort. Stylish design with artful topstitching and silver metal accent on left foot complete the design. Available online for $420.

Dior Homme Classic Belt

This stylish belt with signature grey on black logo coated canvass is a great way to accessorize your wardrobe. Palladium-finished square buckle engraved with “CD” and 1.4 inch wide band complete the design. Available online for $260.

Best Supporting Male

Christian Dior’s men’s collection (Dior Homme) has become a very popular label on the Hollywood scene. Many of today’s hot superstars have chosen to incorporate Dior into their wardrobe. This label has become extremely popular on red carpets and awards shows that are successful in promoting the label. Which Hollywood hunk do we name as Christian Dior’s #1 supporter? We chose Tom Cruise, who enjoys this label both on and off the red carpet.

Tom Cruise

Average Costs

The average cost of Christian Dior menswear may be considered reasonable, depending on your budget. Most of the designs cost at least a couple hundred dollars while some range as high as $1000 or more. Generally, shirts cost between $300 and $500, jeans between $500 and $650 and shoes between $350 and $500. Belts and other accessories are slightly lower, usually around $200 to $300.