FCUK Menswear

FCUK’s Approach to Men’s Fashion

FCUK (French Connection United Kingdom) has a very distinctive approach to designer fashion. This label has targeted a specific audience through the use of catch phrases and stylish designs. The name looks so much like another word in the English language and the label has capitalized on this “coincidence” by using terms like “I’d fcuk me” or “Mile High Fcuk.” Men enjoy the humor behind this label and as a result, the label has received a large amount of success from consumers. In addition to their catch phrase t-shirts, FCUK also offers a wide array of denim jeans, dress pants, blazers, jackets, sweatshirts, shoes and accessories.

Long Sleeve Cosmic Shirt

This ultra comfortable, long sleeve checkered shirt will go perfectly with a pair of jeans or dress pants. Removable collar bones offer optimum convenience while the curved hem allows for a perfect fit. Made of 100 percent cotton. Available online for $45.

Industrial Jeans

These carpenter style, slouched jeans are a great addition to any wardrobe. Button-fly and heavily washed-out design add creativity to the pair. Available online for $90.

Hughes Knit Sweater

This light weight, green and black knit sweater is ideal for all occasions. Ribbed crew neck, cuffs and hem finish the design. Made of 100 percent wool. Available online for $60.

Best Supporting Male

FCUK designs are worn by millions of people all over the world, including hundreds of Hollywood’s hottest celebs. Some people still enjoy the catchy phrases, while others are beginning to find the tactic tiring. Regardless, FCUK designs continue to sizzle on the market and are a top choice for actor Jude Law. Jude’s care-free image is right in line with the image portrayed by the FCUK label.

Jude Law

Average Costs

The average cost of FCUK menswear is relatively affordable for most budgets. If you’re looking for high quality designs at affordable prices, FCUK will definitely suit your needs. Most of the shirts in the collection will cost between $40 and $70, while jeans are upwards of $100. Jackets and blazers are generally the most expensive, ranging as high as a couple hundred dollars per piece.