Fossil Menswear

Fossil’s Approach to Men’s Fashion

Fossil has been creating impeccable timepieces for many years. In addition to their world renowned watch collection, Fossil also designs, manufactures and distributes a wide array of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and shoes to all parts of the world. Fossil’s menswear collection has become very popular among men of all ages. This label offers consumers a preppy, casual image consisting of worn-out, faded and ripped jeans with collared shirts and stylish accessories. Long sleeve collared shirts, short sleeve polo shirts and button-down dress shirts are all dominant in the line. With stylish apparel for men of all personal tastes, Fossil offers everything you need to maintain a put-together image.

Alex Jacket

This zip-front jacket with front and zipper side pockets is perfect for all seasons. Made of 100 percent cotton. Available in charcoal and brown. Get this stylish design online for $58.

Daniel Shirt

This rugged, long sleeve casual shirt is the perfect way to add style to your wardrobe. The western inspired design with back yoke embroidery makes this design completely original. Made of 100 percent cotton. Available online for $45.

Continental Jeans

These relaxed fit jeans in light denim are the ideal way to live your life in style. Relaxed thigh with wide leg offer the utmost in style and comfort. Made of 100 percent cotton. Available online for $50.

Best Supporting Male

Fossil has become a dominant force in the fashion industry. From runways and awards shows to the busy streets of Hollywood, Fossil designs are showing up all over. Men enjoy the stylish designs found in this collection and are choosing to wear Fossil’s designs on a regular basis. The lovable Vince Vaughn wins our award for best supporting male for the Fossil label.

Vince Vaughn

Average Costs

The cost of Fossil’s menswear is very affordable and will fit nicely into the budgets of most individuals. Shirts and sweaters are generally $40 to $50, while jeans are approximately the same price. Jackets are slightly higher and are available for anywhere between $50 and $70 or more depending on the specific style.