Liz Claiborne Menswear

Liz Claiborne’s Approach to Men’s Fashion

Liz Claiborne is one of few female designers who have designed and manufactured complete collections of menswear as well. The women’s collection is very feminine and conservative, while the men’s collection is also conservative with a slightly more masculine approach. Light colors with diamond and other patterned designs are popular. Liz Claiborne men are confident and stylish and are some of hottest dressed men in the world. The collection consists of a wide variety of sweaters, collared tees, dress pants and professional jackets. The label offers a large range of styles to choose from in order to satisfy the personal styles of all types of men.

Tuck Stitch Polo Tee

This fresh, white polo tee is a great way to cool off in the heat of the summer. Made of lightweight, supple cotton with horizontal gray detailing across shoulders. Short sleeves and flat knit collar complete the design. Available online for $70.

Argyle Striped Sweater

This stylish V-neck sweater with argyle detailing is ideal for the office or going out for dinner. Made of fine jersey knit with neutral colored detailing for a subtle but strong appearance. Lightweight, breathable material is perfect for all seasons. Available online for $80.

Eisenhower Twill Jacket

This handsome, easy fitting jacket made of durable polyester twill is perfect for all seasons. Branded cuffs, straight hemming and pointed collar complete the design. Available online for $100.

Best Supporting Male

Liz Claiborne is far more popular with women than she is with men. Although the men’s collection has done very well with consumers, there are few Hollywood men who have chosen to incorporate this label into their wardrobes. Although there have been no official sightings of Hollywood superstar males sporting Liz Claiborne attire, we’d like to think that actors such as Hugh Grant would fit well into the image of this label.

Hugh Grant

Average Costs

The cost of Liz Claiborne’s menswear is very affordable for men of various budgets. Their tees, polos and short-sleeved collar shirts are highly affordable, usually costing between $50 and $70 per piece. Sweaters are generally slightly more, costing anywhere from $80 to $100. Jackets, jeans and dress pants are considered the most expensive, usually costing anywhere from $100 to $150.