Mexx Menswear

Mexx’ Approach to Men’s Fashion

Mexx originally began as a European label, distributing their designs exclusively to the European market. Over the past few years, Mexx has expanded their label and began distributing to the United States, Canada, the Middle East and Asia. The label offers complete collections of men’s and women’s wear which have become extremely popular among consumers. Mexx’ collection of menswear consists of professional attire like dress shirts, collared tees, dress pants and jackets as well as casual wear like baseball shirts, rugby shirts and jeans. Mexx is a world renowned collection known for creating high quality, fashionable designs for individuals all over the world.

Striped Long Sleeve Dress Shirt

This stylish long sleeved dress shirt will complement any type of outfit. Paired with a pair of jeans or dress pants, this shirt will add color and character to your wardrobe. Multicolored vertical stripes complete the design. Available online for $75.

Two-Toned Baseball Shirt

This multi-colored baseball shirt will be a comfortable and casual addition to your closet. Made of 100 percent cotton and available in blue/gray, peach/gray and light gray/dark gray. Available online for $65.

Long Sleeve White Dress Shirt

This classic white dress shirt with long sleeves, pointed collar and buttoned cuffs will add style to your wardrobe. Perfect to pair with dress pants or a pair of stylish jeans. Available online for $95.

Best Supporting Male

Mexx has become a very popular label on the North American fashion market. Key fashion districts, especially locations like New York and Hollywood have seen their fair share of Mexx designs. One of the fastest rising companies in North American, Mexx is quickly dominating the fashion scene and becoming one of the most respected labels on the market. You may have seen country music superstar Keith Urban sporting stylish designs from the collection. We named him the top supporting male for this label.

Keith Urban

Average Costs

Most of the designs in the Mexx collection are considered average when compared to other high-end designer apparel label. Dress shirts and casual shirts generally cost between $60 and $100, while jeans and dress pants are upwards of $125 to $175. Overall, this exclusive company offers stylish designs at affordable prices.