Paul Frank Menswear

Paul Frank’s Approach to Men’s Fashion

Paul Frank is one of the most recognizable labels on the market. His infamous logo of Julius the monkey is a primary selling feature of the label. Although Paul Frank resigned from the label, the designs continue to sell quickly with the release of each new line. Paul Frank’s menswear collection takes an edgier approach when compared to other high-end labels. You won’t find designer suits or ties in this collection. Paul Frank offers a carefree image, mostly comprised of tight-fitting t-shirts, stylish jeans and comfortable sweatshirts. A good majority of the designs feature Julius the monkey however; there are numerous designs that represent the label without Julius as well.

Irish Julius Tee

This classic design from the Paul Frank collection featuring Julius the monkey wearing an Irish hat is a definite must-have from the collection. Available in a number of sizes, online for just $45.

David Shirt

This Paul Frank, David shirt with vertical stripes and long sleeves can be dressed up or down according to your preferences. Button-down front and breast pocket complete the design. Available online for $70.

Chulius Shirt

This stylish shirt features the typical Julius logo with a touch of uniqueness. This design features Julius dressed up as a Mexican. Made of heavy cotton for ultimate comfort and style. Available online for $50.

Best Supporting Male

Paul Frank is a world renowned collection that consists of many individuals who avidly support the label. Generally, the label offers a more casual approach to designer fashion, which has become very appealing to millions of people worldwide. Some of the hottest male celebrities have shown their edgy images with Paul Frank’s designs. Who do we name the biggest supporter of the label? The O.C star Benjamin McKenzie enjoys wearing Paul Frank both on and off the set of the hit TV series.

Benjamin McKenzie

Average Costs

The average cost of Paul Frank’s designer clothing is fairly affordable for most people. The edgy designs generally cost as low as $40 for a basic tee to as high as $100 for jeans, long sleeved shirts and sweatshirts. Jackets usually cost considerably more (around $125 to $175), while accessories are generally much less ($20 to $40).