Salvatore Ferragamo Menswear

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Approach to Men’s Fashion

Salvatore Ferragamo has one of the most stylish and prestigious designer collections on the market. His designs are unique, exclusive and feature some of the most creative detailing the industry has seen. Salvatore Ferragamo’s menswear collection is distinctive, bold and stylish. The collection consists of intricately designed dress shirts, dress pants and other professional attire. Ferragamo uses bold prints and intense colors like bright blue, lavender purple, peach and green. His designs are truly exclusive to his label and are worn by professional, confident men.

Printed Sport Shirt

This intricately designed sport shirt will add fun and creativity to your closet. Navy, white and light blue animal prints make this design completely unique from any other. Spread collar, button front and long sleeves complete the design. Available online for $280.

Pink Polo Shirt

This design will only suit men who are confident in themselves and their personal style. Light pink color, spread collar and signature pull tab add uniqueness to the design. Available online for $200.

Striped Sport Shirt

This stylish, striped sport shirt with purple, blue and green stripes is perfect for any occasion. Pair it with a pair of stylish dress pants or casual jeans for two completely different looks. Long sleeves, pointed collar and button front complete the design. Available online for $240.

Best Supporting Male

There are a number of male celebrities who have turned to Salvatore Ferragamo for a creative approach to designer fashion. These sexy celebrities are looking for a stylish way to enhance their wardrobes and Ferragamo is giving them a means to do so. Our top choice for the top male supporter of this label goes to Justin Timberlake. This stylish, upbeat superstar knows what it takes to look good, on and off stage.

Justin Timberlake

Average Costs

Salvatore Ferragamo menswear offers consumers some of the most stylish designs on the market. The price range is considered average compared to most other labels. Generally, shirts can cost anywhere from $200 to $300 or more depending on the specific style. Jeans and dress pants are considerably more, usually ranging in price from as low as a couple hundred dollars to as high as $1000 or more.