Valentino Menswear

Valentino’s Approach to Men’s Fashion

Valentino’s menswear collection is symbolic of the styles found in the women’s collection as well. Most of the styles are upscale and professional, consisting mostly of dress shirts, pants, ties, jackets and suits. Valentino has always been known for creating stylish, preppy designs which allow men to express their inner style without feeling awkward or feminine. Popular colors in the collection include red, baby blue and classic colors like black, white and gray. Valentino’s designs are perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up or down according to specific circumstances.

Short Sleeve Dress Shirt

This fiery red dress shirt from Valentino’s latest collection is ideal for the office or a night out. Made of 100 percent silk with button down closure and pointed collar. Available online for $65.

Pinstriped Shirt

This stylish dress shirt is a definite must-have from Valentino’s collection. Available in black with gray vertical pinstripes. Spread collar and triple button closure complete the design. Available online for $75.

Light Blue Tie

Valentino has always been known for their incredible tie designs. This silk blue tie with subtle angular lines is available in a number of colors to suit all personal tastes. Available online for $89.

Best Supporting Male

Valentino’s stylish menswear designs have been promoted by some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. There are thousands of men who have chosen to show-off their inner style with Valentino dress shirts, ties, jackets and suits. Our top choice for best supporting male goes to Eduardo Verastegui who looks amazing regardless of the clothing he chooses.

Eduardo Verastegui

Average Costs

The average cost of Valentino’s menswear can highly vary depending on each specific piece. Some of the shirts in the collection are available for less than $100 with most designs usually in the price range of $65 to $75. On the other hand, some of the smaller items, such as ties are more expensive. Their tie designs are known to cost as much as $100 or more per piece.