Bebe Shoes

What Makes Bebe Unique?

Since its initial launch in 1976, the Bebe label has received huge amounts of success associated with their designs. In addition to designing impeccable clothing designs, Bebe also offers consumers a wide range of highly stylish footwear as well.

The collection offers a vast variety of flats, platforms and wedges. The collection also offers a wide range of colors and materials in order to diversify the designs and accommodate all types of personal styles. There’s no doubt that Bebe will continue to unveil new and exciting designs with every line released.

Susie Shoe

This classy shoe design is perfect for work, social events or everyday activities. The casual/sexy design of these shoes will complement all types of outfits and personal styles. Made of mock crocodile leather with studded detailing. Features 5 inch heel and is available online for $129.

Ria Shoe

This super sexy shoe design is perfect for those looking to get attention. Available in tan and dark brown, these classic 4 inch wedge heels are a dynamic addition to any wardrobe. Leather soles offer optimum comfort. Available online for $439.

Nicole Sandal

Introduce yourself to summer in these ultra stylish, studded sandals. This impeccable shoe design features rhinestone detailing, buckle closure and a 4 inch wooden heel. Available in dark brown or white. Find them online for just $98.

Hollywood Supporters

Hollywood celebrities are the trendsetters for future styles. If a celebrity is seen wearing a piece from a collection, you can bet that collection will become successful in the fashion industry. Fortunately, Bebe’s designs have been highly accepted into celebrity fashion and are worn by some of the industry’s most stylish celebrities. Vivica A. Fox is just one of the beautiful superstars choosing to accentuate her beauty with Bebe designs. Jenny McCarthy is also huge supporter of Bebe shoes and chooses to wear the designs to some of the hottest events in the world.

Vivica A. Fox Jenny McCarthy

Average Costs

Bebe shoe designs range in price from highly affordable to somewhat expensive, depending on your budget and personal preferences. Some styles (usually sandals and basic shoe designs) are available for as low as $75 while some of the more extensive designs can cost as high as $500 or more depending on the specific style.