Burberry Shoes

What Makes Burberry Unique?

Those of you who are familiar with the fashion industry will already know that the defining element in Burberry’s incredible designs is the checkered red, white, camel and black print, known as the “nova.” Originally the nova was used as the lining of the first trench coat released by the label.

Over the years, the signature print has become a huge selling point of all Burberry designs, especially their world renowned shoe collection. Currently, Burberry’s footwear collection consists of a wide range of platforms, stilettos, formal boots, rubber boots and flats with most designs featuring the nova print.

Knee-High Boot

This super sexy knee-high boot design is an ideal addition to any outfit. Sophisticated with a touch of sass, these boots were definitely made for walking. Made of patent leather for optimum comfort and featuring the nova print pattern for authenticity and creativity. Also features 4 inch heel. Available online for $695.

quare Toe Pump

These classy square toe pumps with buckle detailing will complement any outfit. Featuring canvass check piping and leather lining. Also features 3 inch heel. Available online for $365.

Signature Print Ballet Flat

hese super cute ballet flats featuring the renowned nova print are comfortable, stylish and an ideal addition to any wardrobe. Design features ½ inch heel and leather lining and sole. Available online for $325.

Hollywood Supporters

Celebrity style has been a huge contributor to the success of the Burberry label. A number of choose to wear Burberry on a consistent basis and the popularity of the label continues to rise. Alicia keys and Jeri Ryan are just two of the world renowned celebrities who have chosen to incorporate Burberry into their high profile wardrobes. These two beauties, along with many others, appreciate the uniqueness found in the Burberry label.

Alicia Keys Jeri Ryan

Average Costs

Burberry designs a not that affordable for the average budget. One of the great things about the Burberry label is the fact that the designs are rare because they are so high priced. The status these designs hold is high and therefore the prices are quite high as well. If you’re truly interested in designer fashion and you have money to spend, there’s no reason to pass up these incredible shoe designs.