Celine Shoes

What Makes Celine Unique?

In Celine’s latest footwear collection you’ll find a true mix of style, comfort and class. Simple designs that look simply beautiful are the defining characteristics of Celine shoes. Currently, the label offers a wide range of boots for all seasons in a wide variety of materials including silk and leather.

The colors consist of browns, oranges, tans and black which are generally standard for most collections. Celine’s latest line incorporates a number of buckle patterns and other intricate designs exclusive to the label. Crisscross fabric is also a defining feature of the designer footwear found in Celine’s newest collection.

Suede Knee Boot

These incredible boots made with camel suede are the perfect accessory for any season. Pair them with a skirt in warmer months or jeans in cooler months. Features wraparound straps with buckle on ankle. Also featuring plexiglass heels. Available online for $880.

Leather Riding Boot

These incredibly sexy boots are made with black leather and feature all over golden studs. Flat heel offers optimum comfort. Available online for $880.

Leather Ankle Boot

These sultry brown leather ankle boots offer the utmost in style and sophistication. Dark tonal piping offers uniqueness to the design while buckle detailing emphasizes the classiness of the shoe. Available online for $785.

Hollywood Supporters

Some of Hollywood’s sexiest celebrities have been seen wearing Celine’s incredible footwear designs. From Hollywood to Milan, Celine shoes have been worn in some of the largest, most renowned fashion districts the world has to offer. Some of the stars you may have seen sporting Celine shoes include Gena Lee Nolin and Carrie-Anne Moss. These sultry ladies are hip, stylish and know what it takes to look beautiful in Hollywood.

Gena Lee Nolin Carrie-Anne Moss

Average Costs

There’s a price to pay for everything right? Well Celine footwear is no different. This label offers the utmost in style but there’s a price to pay - a somewhat large price. Celine footwear can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000 or more depending on the specific style. Generally, the more you pay the better quality designs you’ll receive. Paying a few extra dollars can make the difference between a great, comfortable shoe and one that stays in your closet (unused) for the next 3 years.