Chloé Shoes

What Makes Chloé Unique?

The Chloé label is one of the most sophisticated designer collections the fashion industry has to offer. Their incredible selection of sexy boots and sultry shoes has been completing women’s wardrobes for many years. The collection unveils a wide range of sleek boot designs to choose from.

Sophisticated and classy are defining elements in this collection and remain true to Chloé’s exclusive label. In addition to their incredible boot designs, Chloé still offers a wide range of stylish shoe designs as well. White and black remain the most popular colors in the collection.

Buckled Knee Boot

These super sexy buckle knee boots are the epitome of style. Made of dark brown leather and golden hardware studs for added elegance. 3½ inch covered heel completes the design. Available online for $1,155.

Wood Platform Wedges

These super cute platform wedges are perfect for spring and summer days when you just want to relax in a comfortable pair of shoes. Made of white leather and featuring a cut-out design for added uniqueness. Available online for $780.

Patent Platform Slingback

These chunky platform shoes are a great addition to any wardrobe. Made of black patent leather with a sophisticated slingback heel, you can’t get any better than this stylish design. Available online for $600.

Hollywood Supporters

Chloé designs are chosen by a number of celebrities but, in general, have not received as much publicity as some of the other labels. Chloé designs are chosen on an everyday, ongoing basis due to the level of comfort and style they exude. Some of the low-key, down-to-earth celebrities seen wearing Chloé’s fabulous designs include Kate Bosworth and Natalie Portman. These sexy superstars choose to walk the streets of Hollywood in style with Chloé’s amazing shoe designs.

Kate Bosworth Natalie Portman

Average Costs

Chloé designs are relatively expensive compared to some of the other designer labels on today’s market, but for good reason. Their designs are made with the highest quality materials and created by some of the industry’s most talented professionals. The boots in the collection are generally the most expensive and can range as high as $1,500. The shoes are generally less expensive but can still range as high as $800 or more.