Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Designer shoes are the number one obsession among women between the ages of 20 and 60. For some reason, women who find it unacceptable to spend a fortune on designer clothing can justify spending a significant amount of money on designer shoes. Maybe it’s because shoes are the first thing most people look at or maybe it’s because comfortable feet are an important aspect of everyday living. Regardless of how you justify it, buying designer shoes is a necessary, essential part of life. You have to buy shoes, right? Might as well spend a few extra dollars and get a stunning pair of Steve Madden heels that are comfortable and stylish. If not, they’ll just end up in your closet, unused for years and years.

This Year’s Hottest Styles

The great thing about shoes (like almost everything in fashion) is the fact that everything that used to be in style will eventually be in style again – it’s just a matter of time. Platforms were popular in the 60’s and seventies, the popularity died down for a while but now they’re back and more popular than ever. Same goes for pointy-toe heels. This style was popular in the early 80’s, disappeared for a while and is back in style once again. As for some of the other hot styles, espadrilles remain at the top of the list as well as anything with leopard prints (like the ones found in the Jimmy Choo collection). Deerskin and calfskin are a clear indication of high style (like the models found in Miu Miu’s collection and Salvatore Ferragamo’s collection) as well as designer shoes with authentic logos.

Why Buy Designer Shoes?

So why should you buy designer shoes? Simple, they are the single most important element of any outfit, they are crucial for comfortable living and they leave you with an unbelievably satisfied feeling that is absolutely priceless.

Mimicking Celebrity Styles

As with everything to do with fashion celebrity styles are possibly the most influential factor associated with the success of certain styles and labels. In this section you’ll find celebrity supporters for each designer label. Which celebrities are most likely to wear certain labels and where they’ve been seen sporting these designs. Photos of Hollywood superstars like Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, R&B singer Beyonce and world renowned actress Jennifer Aniston and many, many more can be found in this exclusive section.