Jessica Simpson Shoes

What Makes Jessica Simpson Unique?

Along with Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson is one of few celebrities who has actually been successful in the fashion industry. Jessica Simpson has recently released multiple lines of clothing but it has been her incredible footwear collection that made her a success in the world of fashion.

Jessica Simpson shoes and boots are some of the most desired footwear styles on today’s market. Jessica Simpson is one of few celebrities to find success in both the entertainment and fashion industries.

Bonny Wedges

Bonny Wedges These leather upper cork wedges with knotted design for added flair are a great addition to any outfit. Available in a number of colors including black, teal, bronze, white and more. 4 inch heel completes the design. Available online for $85.

Jessica Boots

Jessica Boots These sexy, western-inspired leather boots are a great way to add sexiness to an outfit without being trashy. Design features leather uppers with slouch detailing for added uniqueness. 3 inch heel completes the design. Available online for $165.

Adele Shoes in Red

Adele Shoes in Red These fiery red shoes are the definite must-have choice from Jessica Simpson’s footwear collection. Pointed toe style with leather upper for added comfort and style. 3½ inch heel completes the design. Available online for $95.

Hollywood Supporters

Jessica Simpson has a number of celebrity supporters in her corner when it comes to her newest footwear collection. Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba are just two of the drop-dead gorgeous celebrities choosing to wear Jess’ footwear. Jessica Simpson is a huge part of the Hollywood scene with lots of hot women supporting her. This is just one of the reasons behind the sensation of Jessica Simpson’s footwear collection.

Eva Longoria   Jessica Alba

Average Costs

The average cost of Jessica Simpson footwear falls in the price range of about $90 to $200. Some designs may cost more or less, depending on the specific styles and detailing. Jessica Simpson’s footwear collection is extremely stylish, highly affordable and definitely recommended when it comes to designer footwear.