Juicy Couture Shoes

What Makes Juicy Couture Unique?

Juicy Couture is one of the newer designer labels to hit the fashion market. Juicy Couture has made its way to the top of the fashion charts and has become one of the most desired labels in the business.

The collection offers a wide range of sassy, chic and comfortable clothing with a footwear collection to match. The latest line consists of a variety of boots, shoes and sandals in standard colors like black, brown and beige. Western-inspired boots are also popular in the collection as well as gold detailing.

Unique and stylish, Juicy Couture designs are perfect for women of all ages and personal tastes.

Scrunched Boot

This ultra sexy, ruched boot design with antique golden hardware is the perfect boot for all seasons. Featuring black and brown leather and 1½ inch stacked heel. Available online for $625.

Mary Jane Wedge

These super cute Mary Janes are a great way to enhance your wardrobe and make any outfit look incredible. Made with Beverly and taupe suede with brown leather trim. 3¾ inch stacked heel completes the design. Available online for $300.

Butterfly Boot

These intricately designed butterfly boots are a great way to spice up your wardrobe. The Western-inspired design with brown leather and gold butterfly detailing is truly a unique addition to any outfit. 2¼ inch stacked heel completes the design. Available online for $680.

Hollywood Supporters

Juicy Couture has become a top choice when it comes to celebrity wardrobes. The perfect balance of comfort and style is a very appealing element for hard-working superstars. Some of the famous faces who have been spotted wearing the incredible designs of Juicy footwear include Carmen Electra and Denise Richards. These are two of Hollywood’s hottest superstars who have chosen to enhance their personal style with Juicy Couture footwear.

Carmen Electra   Denise Richards

Average Costs

Juicy Couture footwear ranges in price from as low as $75 to as high as thousands of dollars, depending on the specific styles and designs of each model. Generally, as with most footwear collections, sandals are at the lower end of the pricing spectrum with boots and heels at the top. If you’re looking for less expensive footwear, you may want to opt for the sandals.