Lacoste Shoes

What Makes Lacoste Unique?

Lacoste’s signature style is quite different from most of the other labels on the market. Lacoste has taken an athletic approach to designer fashion and has incorporated a number of running shoes and other athletic styles into its unique footwear collection.

The primary selling point of Lacoste designs is the crocodile logo (or alligator depending on where you’re from). This logo has become synonymous with the classy, stylish designs found in the label. The collection offers a wide range of athletic shoes in a variety of colors such as blue, white and black.

Intrigue Runners

These ultra cute white leather running shoes with blue detailing are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Super comfortable and ultra stylish, these shoes will keep your feet in shape and you wardrobe in tact. Leather upper with silver logo on side. Available online for $125.

Futro Galaxia Athletic Shoes

These sultry white running shoes with grey mesh detailing will enhance the appearance of any outfit. Designed for optimum comfort and ultimate style. Velcro closures complete the design. Available online for $120.

Illusion Sneaker

These sexy black athletic shoes are the epitome of style. The basic design of the classic black runners will nicely complement all types of sports attire. Silver logo on side completes the design. Available online for $125.

Hollywood Supporters

Lacoste’s popularity hasn’t had as much of an impact on the Hollywood scene as it has on the sports scene. Lacoste’s designs have become a huge hit with sports stars, especially tennis players. René Lacoste (founder of the label) is a former professional tennis player and has created a huge buzz with his athletic label. As a result, tennis superstars like Serena Williams and Roger Federer have taken significant interest in what this label has to offer.

Serena Williams Roger Federer

Average Costs

The average cost of Lacoste shoe designs is fairly affordable compared to many other designer labels on the market. The incredible designs usually fall just over $100, while some cost slightly more or less. Overall, the designs found in the collection are extremely reasonable considering the quality of each design.