Mexx Shoes

What Makes Mexx Unique?

Originally, Mexx was exclusively a European label, designing and marketing only to European countries. In the past few years, Mexx has expanded its consumer base to include the United States, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.

Mexx has become a world renowned company with a very popular footwear collection. Although there are limited models to choose from, Mexx footwear is uniquely designed to offer consumers the utmost in style and comfort. Mexx shoes and boots are a dominant element in the collection and have been featured on some of the hottest individuals in the world.

Black Ankle Boots

These sexy black ankle boots will add sass to any outfit. Designed to offer the utmost in style and comfort, these boots will offer long-lasting comfortable wear all day long. Pointed toe and 3 inch heel complete the design. Available online for $150.

Black Casual Runners

An alternate approach from Mexx’ typical elegant designs, these casual runners will offer optimum comfort all day long. The unisex style of these athletic shoes is perfect for men and women of all ages. Available online for $120.

Hollywood Supporters

Since its release onto the US market, Mexx has gained a large amount of press, popularity and respect from consumers and professionals. Much of the success associated with this label is a result of celebrities and their ability to promote clothing labels as they please. Some of the hot superstars focusing their attention on the Mexx label include Rose McGowan and Mandy Moore. These sexy women have highly contributed to the popularity of the Mexx label.

Rose McGowan Mandy Moore

Average Costs

Mexx footwear designs prices are considered average when it comes to most designer labels. Most of the designs are available between $100 and $200, which is highly affordable for such a well-known label. All Mexx designs offer ultimate comfort and style and are well-worth the cost.