Paul Frank Shoes

What Makes Paul Frank Unique?

Paul Frank has a very definitive signature style that has created a significant amount of success for this particular label. The majority of the designs found in the collection feature the face of a funny-looking monkey. This monkey’s name is Julius. Julius single handedly created insurmountable amounts of popularity surrounding the Paul Frank collection.

Although the label offers a limited selection of designer footwear to choose from, the models that have been released are very successful. Most of the footwear collection consists of flip flops and sandals, either featuring Julius or some other comical design.

Skull Flip Flops

These trendy, skull flip flops will add a little bit of edge to any outfit. Rubber soles and thong toe complete the design. Available in a number of sizes to suit all personal needs. Find the design online for $20.

Pink/Green Alligator Flip Flops

These super cute, pink and green flip flops with alligator detailing are a perfect way to brighten up your outfit and add some character to your image. Available in a number of sizes online for just $20.

Julius Pinstrip Flip Flops

These ultra cute pinstripe flip flops are the definite must-have from the collection. Julius design on sole becomes the selling point of the design. Available in a number of sizes. Find them online for $20.

Hollywood Supporters

Paul Frank is a very popular label among younger individuals. Although some may not see the collection as “high fashion,” the status this label holds allows it to qualify as a high fashion label regardless. Some of the superstars who have helped make this label successful include Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson. These young, hot girls go for the edgier designs, much like the ones found in Paul Frank’s collection.

Avril Lavigne Ashlee Simpson

Average Costs

Paul Frank’s footwear designs are very affordable, usually costing less than $30. Most of the collection consists of flip flops and sandals which are relatively inexpensive compared to most other labels. Paul Frank offers a nice change to the somewhat expensive designs found in most designer footwear collections.