Sergio Tacchini Shoes

What Makes Sergio Tacchini Unique?

Sergio Tacchini has taken a very different approach to designer fashion than most other labels on the market. The sporty designs found in the collection are some of the most comfortable and stylish athletic shoes on the market.

Tacchini offers a wide array of colors and styles to choose from which are categorized into three categories: Sport, leisure and heritage. These three categories encompass the footwear collection, each offering its own styles and designs. All of Sergio’s designs are created with comfort and quality in mind and have been satisfying consumers since 1966.

Shotmaster Clay Court

These incredibly stylish running shoes offer ultimate quality, structure and durability. Perfect for lounging or competitive sports, these shoes provide high quality for all types of activities.


These tan running shoes with perforated detailing offer optimum comfort and style. Suede upper and rubber outsole complete the design. Available in a number of sizes for optimum convenience.

Sleek Sandal

This chic sandal made of full-grain leather and suede upper is a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Available in a number of colors including white, stone and black.

Hollywood Supporters

Sergio Tacchini’s incredible footwear designs are more popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts than Hollywood celebrities and movie stars. Tennis superstar Andy Roddick is a huge supporter of the Tacchini label and enjoys the support and structure this type of footwear provides. In addition, “Lost” star Evangeline Lilly is also a fan of Sergio Tacchini running shoes. These comfortable, stylish shoes are becoming popular among all types of individual styles.

Andy Roddick Evangeline Lilly

Average Costs

Sergio Tacchini footwear is reasonably priced considering the high quality and advanced design it offers. Most of the designs are relatively affordable as athletes are usually willing to pay a significant amount of money for high-quality athletic shoes. The cost of the footwear ranges from as low as $100 to as high as $300 or possibly more, depending on the specific style and season.