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Eco-Friendly Fashion

Eco-friendly fashions are taking the world by storm

Natural Roots

The Canadian company, Roots, has figured out a way to be environmentally friendly and trendy. Stay chic and be kind to Mother Nature with one of their stylish, biodegradable, vegetable-tanned leather bags. Another bonus: Roots practices green shipping methods on all its online purchases in an effort to help lower CO2 emissions. Zerum leather bag, $168, available at Roots.

Earthy Trends

An environmentally friendly shoe line, Charmoné features an entire roster of animal-free styles. Charmoné does not employ sweatshops to make their shoes - which is good for the environment and your conscience. Every shoe is made with recycled materials, water-based glue and nickel-free hardware. Join the ranks of eco-conscious celebs like Natalie Portman and sport these totally cute eco-chic kicks. Check out Charmone Shoes for more information and store locations.

Urban Organic

Oqoqo, an eco-conscious line from the people who created Lululemon, offers up a collection of all-natural, but still stylish, clothes. Oqoqo's goal is to create clothes that have minimal impact on the environment - the materials they use are organic and sustainable cottons, bamboo, soy, hemp, merino wool and polyester made from recycled bottles. Their collection has everything from jeans to jackets, all in trendy urban styles. Check out Oqoqo for more information.

Designer Spotlight - Stella McCartney

This designer darling built her entire empire without giving up her eco-conscious beliefs. A strict vegetarian, McCartney absolutely refuses to work with leather or fur, and uses wind-powered electricity for her home, stores and office. Her line of bags and accessories is made with cruelty-free materials like canvas and nylon, and her collaboration with Adidas resulted in sportswear made from sustainable vegetation like bamboo. At every turn, McCartney proves that it is possible to make high fashion eco-friendly. From her beautiful clothes to her trendy accessories line, McCartney has maintained her environmentally friendly approach to high-end fashion, and she has helped make natural living, and dressing, chic.

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