Eco FriendlyEco Friendly

It’s easy being green

Eco-friendly fashions are taking the world by storm. Find out how you can save the world AND look fabulous!

Mother Earth can breathe a little sigh of relief: eco-friendly looks are hot and in demand. Green living is finally getting its due. Spurred on by celebrity supporters, eco-conscious designers and tons of media attention, Earth-friendly designs are suddenly de rigueur.

Before you reach for your hemp necklaces and granola recipes, you should know that the new generation of eco-style is more eco-chic than retro hippie. The new looks are sexy, cutting edge and totally mainstream - perfect for environmentally savvy fashionistas. Green options are available everywhere; everything from runway designs to home décor is now turning green. With so many companies taking an environmentally sound approach to fashion and beauty, it’s easy to outfit yourself from head to toe in eco-friendly goodies.